Which Mac OS X antivirus to choose in 2020?

Mac OS lovers are really more protected than Windows users. First of all, due to the system construction, since even if Mac is infected with the virus, the last one won’t be able to infect other parts of systems by copying itself. Due to that fact, cybercriminals target on Windows than on Mac. 

But still, this doesn’t mean that Mac OS is invulnerable, because there are a lot of criminals willing to theft your personal data, download malware or infect the system. And unfortunately, such cases are common.

Crucial issues while choosing the best Mac OS X antivirus in 2020

So, question whether or not you need the antivirus is quite rhetorical. If you store a lot of data, especially personal, if you’ve activated in different accounts, if you’re visiting a lot of sites and download apps not from Appstore, you really need the best antivirus to be fully protected. 

While choosing, the first thing we pay attention to is the paid program or not. Yes, it is really important, but the user should thing not only about the price. Let’s check the principal things for antivirus.

Firstly, think about the future type of antivirus. Does the program search for antiviruses on the user’s demand or always in the background? The second variant is more preferable because in such a case it is always protected and if the virus downloaded the program will remove it and notify users. The first variant is more common among unpaid programs and threatened with system infection unless the user checks it regularly.

Secondly, pay attention to a quantity of features and services provided. The best option is to take an all-around security system that protects you accounts, sites and programs are checked before opening and viruses and malware are deleted immediately. 

Some antiviruses also provide users with a VPN for safe Wi-Fi using, add and pop-ups blocker and some other features. 

A lot of antiviruses that are popular on the market have been checked. And now we are ready to present the top 5 antiviruses for you to use this year. By a small margin Clario, the newly appeared app got the absolute win.

What is the best OS X antivirus in 2020?

 5th place is taken by Sophos Home Premium 

Both Mac and Windows users can enjoy this program.

24/7 protection is guaranteed and there is no need to launch it every time to check system. It’s quite easy in use and doesn’t demand a lot of consideration and actions to be done. Among pluses, there is a free trial before updating to the paid version. After that, you can update to the full paid version. Also, it can protect as up to 10 items, so it is a good option for family subscription, parent control is also available.


4th place is taken by Kaspersky Internet Security 

This app gives every user a lot of extra bonuses, including parent control, tools assisting while online shopping and securing your credit card information, VPN and some other tools. Although, because of the large number of bonuses it is sometimes hard to find the right one. Among minuses, it can be highlighted that the program could miss some malware after checking. 


3rd place is taken by Norton AntiVirus Plus

It is famous in the market. First of all, it has a reputable malware and virus detection, and even a new one could be found by it. Apart from that, it provides a list of additional services, for instance, banking protection, VPN, instruments blocking sites with potential viruses before the opening and some other. But, among minuses, it slows down the system too much and takes a lot of operational work.


2nd place is taken by Intego Mac Internet Security X9

It is also a pretty good choice; thus, the antivirus shows great results in virus detection. Intego provides you practically with a full list of services. It is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and could detect special malware for each OS. At the same time, it is not enough good at finding suspicious sites with potential viruses. And as a previous app, this one also slows down a little bit system. Both Norton and Intego are quite expensive.


1st place is taken by Clario


And the Clario is the best and absolute winning in 2020 due to the next features.

Users are provided with full-range protection, which consists of basic malware scanning in real-time regime, protection against ransomware. Clario also has online banking protection, checking the website before opening, secures Wi-Fi, secure the data and block suspicious apps from infecting your files. Also, it searches public databases for the leak of your private details. What is more, Clario ensures 24/7 assistant from its experts in case of virus infection or other troubles. The system is based on Artificial Intelligence improvement for reasonable pricing. 


If to sum up all stated above, you should definitely use antivirus instruments even for the Mac OS X system to guarantee that your data is in absolute security. Choose one of the antiviruses listed above and be sure of your safety.